Produce Research Develop Quilling and Tools

A professional manufacturer of quilling strips and quilling tools from China;
Has more than 2,000 square meters of factory buildings; meanwhile, we have exceeded 30 employees working to produce and research and develop.
According to the actual needs of customers, the colors can be re-matched and selected, the width can be freely set.
We have our own brand and we can also OEM customize.
There is no doubt, we very professional because we have been working in the quilling business for more than 10 years;
Our goal is to supply our clients with quality products at a suitable price;
Welcome to buy China quilling strips, China quilling tools, and China quilling kits from us;
Our business divided into three sections, quilling strips, quilling tools and quilling kits.

Quilling Strips
Origin and colors of paper: Japan (96 colors), Italy (24 metallic-colors), Indonesia (12 colors) and China (60 colors).
Color combination: Multi-colors (color family in one pack), Mixed color (several colors in one pack), Single color (one color in one pack).

Quilling Tools
3 kinds of quilling board, 4 kinds of quilling tools, 2 kinds of quilling comb, 3 kinds of quilling border maker, 2 kinds of quilling template and so on. Almost all quilling tools are available.

Quilling Kits
There are some fixed kits, all of them are very popular in North America, Euro, Japan. And can design new kits for you.