Multi-Color Paper Quilling Strips Set 30 Colors 39cm Length

Strip width: 3/5/7/10mm(0.12/0.20/0.28/0.39 in) available
Length: 39cm (15.35 in)
Pack: Each pack contains 100 strips, 5 series of color family
Total: 30 colors, 6 packs and 600 strips total
Thickness: About 120gsm, all paper is flat, without embossing
Usage: Good quality for hobby and professional use to decorate your bedroom, living room, classroom, wedding, party even cards



3mm (0.12 in) : QP390C30-03
5mm (0.20 in): QP390C30-05
7mm (0.28 in): QP390C30-07
10mm (0.39 in): QP390C30-10

Order set (6 packs) or just one pack is available

Multi-Color Paper Quilling Strips Set 30 Colors 10 packs 39cm Length 600 Strips Total
Strips width: 3mm (0.12 in) / 5mm (0.20 in) / 7mm (0.28in) / 10mm (0.39 in) available.
Strips length: 39cm (15.35 in)
Thickness: about 120gsm
Packs: 6
Strips total: 600
Colors: 30 colors totally

Each pack contains 5 series of same color family.
For Eg, red color family pack will have 6 series of red.

1. Red family :
Peach, Orange Red, Red, Xmas Red, Wine

2. Purple family:
White, Pink, Lt. Purple, Lilac, Purple

3. Yellow family:
Beige, Lemon, Golden, Orange, Golden Red

4. Green family:
Lt. Yellow, Lime Juice, Lt. Green, Apple Green, Dark Green

5. Blue family:
Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, Sapphire, Indigo, Navy

6. Black & White family:
Bleach, Camel, Lt. Brown, Dark Gray, Black